Guidelines For The Club VS Club Competition.
Club VS Club Director: Robert Taylor

  • Each club will be matched for a maximum of 45 total games to be played.

  • The club that acheives the highest number of games won of the total 45 will be crowned CLUB CHAMPION for 2011.

  • The 2011 CLUB CHAMPION will take possesion of the "Traveling Trophy" for the following horseshoe season signifying their victory.

  • All chosen matchups are made within classes from our regular season's KHPA events. Matchups are chosen and made at the discretion of the Club VS Club Director.

  • Matchups are chosen using a range of 7% ringer percentage as a high/low guide.

  • Matchups are tracked on the number of higher or lower percentage of matchups that have been made for each club and will be kept as even AS POSSIBLE.

  • Any matchup made that takes place in a class with a "double round robin" will always use only the FIRST meeting between the matched players.

  • As the competion nears a conclusion, it will become necessary to use "one-sided" matchups to complete the game totals.

  • Each participating club must have at least 5 regular participating KHPA players on their roster.

  • With a 5 Player minimum, no player will exceed more than 9 games played during the course of the competition.

  • It is the responsibility of each Club's designated leader to supply the Club VS Club Director with an updated roster with legitimate club players and to encourage enough particpation from their club players throughout the season to complete the designated 45 total games.

  • Any player on a club's roster must be a regular or semi-regular in that club's weeknight sanctioned or non-sanctioned league.

  • A player may only participate for ONE club of choice if they play in more than one club on a regular basis.