KHPA Video

Robert Taylor's YouTube Channel

Various KHPA tournament footage from 2006-present .

John Hankins' YouTube Channel

John has a video of Omar Blacketer judging ringers at the old Etown courts.. Court Site Info

Millville Community Park

Facebook page for the Millville Community Center..

Citizens Park

Somerset Horseshoe Courts were built in 2002. This site is the home for Somerset's Citizen Park..

Lake Reba Park

This site has general information about the facilities available at Lake Reba Park in Richmond, Ky. Richond is the sitew for the 2011 Kentucky State Tournament.

Boone Woods Park

The site contains in depth information about the park, a picture of the horseshoe courts and a full park address..

NHPA "Pitch With Us" Links

Page of the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association that contains links for all of the State Charter Associations.

2009 Bourbon Festival Pics

Link to a few photos during the 2009 Bourbon Festival Horseshoe Tournament. Horseshoe Manufacturers

Ted Allen Horseshoes

The one and only Ted Allen!

Hilfing Horseshoes

Grabit, Viking, Warrior, Trident and Patriot. (Hilfing Horseshoes are now sold through the Lucky Shoe Pro Shop.)

Deadeye Horseshoes

Deadeye E-Z Grip, Regular, Clydesdale, Stay Ons and No Tip.

White Distributors

Alan Francis, Imperial, Simmons, Glory, Snyder E-Z FLip, Cal Flip, Mustang and many more.

The M&M Horseshoe Company

M&M, M&M Flip, A-Mac & Python

Mr. D Horseshoes

Mr. D regular and classic.

Omega Horseshoe Co.

Gordon, Gordon Legend.

St. Pierre Manufacturing Corp..

Royal Classic, American Professional, American Presidential.

Gallina Horseshoes

Yankeee, VIP, Simmons XL, Pro Star, Can-Am, Condor, Dean Slim and many more..

Store For Six Pac Horseshoes

Six Pac Sure Peg, Sure Point & Sure Pitch. Many other brands sold at this store